Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S

Your full service supplier of eccentric presses and central lubrication !

We are specialists in eccentric presses and central lubrication

PMB are not only your supplier of press lines, central lubrication, spare parts, press- service, and repair. We are a team of professionally competent employees who together create a significant sparring partner for you. A sparring partner with the main goal of ensuring that our customers’ tasks are solved without major complications, and they have the opportunity to run an efficient and successful business and production.


PMB manufactures both C-presses and H-presses, and has Zani presses.

Central lubrication

PMB has many years of experience in the delivery and installation of central lubrication systems.


PMB offers processing of your items.


PMB performs the statutory inspections, general service, and repairs.

Spare parts

PMB provides original press spare parts and also for presses fabricated by other press manufacturers. Contact us further.

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We are always ready!

Do you have questions for/about; our technicians, your project in general, guidance or something completely different? You are always welcome to contact us.

We strive to answer your inquiries as soon as possible, and our technicians are always ready by phone.

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Our partners

PMB sells coil equipment from Dimeco, PA gripper feeders and Zani presses. Furthermore, we use SKF’s central lubrication system. Below is a selection of our partners.


We have more than 70 years of experience in helping our customers. We have expert knowledge, and our well-trained and committed employees take ownership of the tasks. Below you can see a selection of our references. We do have room for you too!

Do you have any questions or other inquiries?

You are more than welcome to contact us, with your question, search for advice and guidance or anything else.

We really want to help you and are always available!

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Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S

Kimmerslevvej 3,

4140 Borup, Denmark


You are always welcome to contact us with your inquiry or if you have any questions.

Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S’s idea is to service you and your company within the areas of press lines and central lubrication. In addition, we also offer coil lines, press accessories and machining of items in our machine park. Based on our solid knowledge, which we have built up through many years of experience, we focus on your productivity and reliability.

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