Renovation of presses and accessories

PMB has many years of experience in renovating our own presses and other manufacturers’ presses.

It often pays off to renovate a good press, as expensive parts, such as a stand and crosshead, can be recycled. The price for a totally renovated press is approximately 40% of the new price. The service life is expected to be the same as a new press.

PMB provides the same 12-month guarantee on a totally refurbished press as on a new one.

Renovating a press can be for several reasons:

  1. Legalization according to applicable rules.
  2. Mechanical parts are defective and/or worn out.
  3. The steering has become too old (frequent, expensive repairs).
  4. Replacement of older press.
  5. It is more environmentally friendly.

PMB is happy to take a look at your presses, and make a non-binding offer for a renovation or repair. PMB has good used presses in stock, which can be adapted as needed.

You can see the comparison between a used and renovated press below:

sammeligning mellem brugt og renoveretpresser

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