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Since 1921, we have ensured high productivity, optimal performance and extended longevity for small and large businesses in a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience is your guarantee. 

At PMB, you will find a reliable and durable solution customized precisely to the wishes, needs and requirements of your company. In more than 100 years, we have built up a great deal of knowledge, experience and expertise, which we bring into play when advising and guiding our customers. Our goal is for you to feel a positive effect on your bottom line. Therefore, we are only a success when you are. 

Structure, transparency, accessibility and systematics are characteristics of a collaboration with PMB. We don’t just want to be a supplier. We want to be your reliable business partner. We know that it requires trust and results over time. Therefore, we manage your task with the utmost respect. It is your business – your professional life’s work. 

In other words, we want to make an impact on your efficiency and bottom line. Your machine is the focal point of your day-to-day operations. We know that. Therefore, infallible and reliable equipment is essential. We make sure that your production maintains its productivity, momentum and performance. 

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Our values

Our values are the core of our business

Our set of values expresses the fundamental values ​​of our company, which help to enhance our professionalism and the relationship with our customers. The five core values ​​reflect our work, ethics, behavior and professionalism. Our values ​​consist of attributes that complement and reinforce each other.

Long term relationships

We like to create long-term and trusting relationships with our customers – both internally and externally.


We deliver the quality that ensures our customers the optimized and efficient products that will be a reliable part of their business.

Personal security

We value the safety of our customers and employees. This is how we ensure a safe workplace and reduce injuries.

Walk the extra mile

We strive to walk the extra mile. We ensure an effective collaboration and great service, so that our customers are always satisfied with the work carried out.


We want to be part of a greener and more sustainable future. This is why we have a strong focus on using presses and extending their longevity.

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