CNC Milling with high precision

In CNC milling (Computer Numerical Control), the workpiece is clamped, for example, in a vise in the machine, which has a spindle where a milling cutter or drill is placed.

A milling cutter is a small cutting tool that rotates at high speed. The tool mills the material.

The computer-controlled machines have a tool magazine with various tools, i.e., milling cutters and drills, in all conceivable sizes. The machine changes the tools itself depending on what it must work with next.

There are different types of CNC milling. For example, there can be three-axis CNC machines, where you can process three-dimensional objects in the x-, y-, and z-axis. The machine receives coordinates to where it should move the spindle and apply coolant. Afterward, the spindle must move to another coordinate, where a circular movement may be made in a specific radius and so on.

Using CAM software (Computer Aided Manufacturing) more complex workpieces can be produced. This is done by applying toolpaths directly to the 3D file on the computer. Then the program is generated for the CNC miller using a postprocessor. The CAM software allows milling complex geometries on surfaces, for example, mold tools.

CNC milling – a highly efficient method

CNC milling is a highly efficient method where the machine is programmed to produce a specific workpiece. At Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik we offer milling and drilling according to the drawings our customers want.

We mill with high precision from single pieces and up – even for large workpieces. Additionally, we can offer post-processing where we surface grind the workpieces according to customer needs.

Spåntagende bearbejdning og CNC-fræsning hos Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik

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