SKF's central lubrication system for grease, NLGI Class 2, is specially developed for machines that work in demanding environments, with high requirements for operational reliability under the most difficult conditions imaginable.

System description

The central lubrication system consists of an electric pump, pump element, control unit, progressive distributors, high-pressure lubrication hoses and connections. The pump pause and pump time can be set individually depending on the conditions. The distributor blocks consist of elements with different dosages, which are adapted to each individual lubrication point.

Why choose SKF central lubrication on your machine?

Changing machine operators, time pressure and cumbersome service maintenance are commonplace for today’s machine owners. No wonder lubrication is “forgotten” or at least not performed in accordance with the lubrication instructions. The consequence will be wear and tear, breakdowns, unnecessary expenses, expensive downtime with loss of income, which can lead to exceeded delivery times and maybe even lost jobs!

A central lubrication system from SKF extends service life

SKF central lubrication system extends the life of bolts, bushings and bearings several times because:

  1. Lubrication takes place automatically.
  2. The lubrication takes place when the machine is working, ie. when the bolts and bushings are in motion.
  3. Each lubrication point receives a correct amount of lubricant, neither more nor less.
  4. A “collar” of grease is placed around the lubrication point and protects against the ingress of dust and moisture.
centralsmøring med SKF centralsmøringssystem

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