Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding is a process where an axle is clamped in a bench. Here the axle rotates like in turning. However, the difference is that a grinding wheel is used to grind the axle's various journals to achieve tight tolerances and surface roughness.

In cylindrical grinding, the axle has been turned in some form beforehand. If it is subsequently necessary to refine the fit or surface, cylindrical grinding is essential.

An axle is divided into journals since an axle can have areas with different diameters and tolerances. For example, there may be journals where bearings need to be mounted. These are called bearing journals and often have tight tolerances that must be met and where plain bearings (bronze bearings) need to be mounted, there are usually high demands on surface roughness. In a plain bearing, the surface roughness of the axle must not be too coarse as it can cause tearing in the bronze, creating unwanted heat and breakdown. Conversely, the surface roughness should not be too fine, as the surface of the journal cannot support the lubricating oil and the bronze will become too hot. With cylindrical grinding, it is thus possible to achieve the correct tolerance and surface roughness.

High precision and fine surfaces

At Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik we offer cylindrical grinding with high precision – often more precise than you can turn it. The most crucial aspect of cylindrical grinding is that you get a very smooth surface on your axle, and we have the expertise to perform this. We have many years of experience with cylindrical grinding because we have grounded our own axles since Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik opened in 1921. We also have the capability to grind large axles up to three and a half meters.

Rundslibning hos Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik

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