Press control units

Control units for eccentric presses, feed equipment and entire press lines

PMB constructs and builds control units ourselves. It can be anything from a small lubrication timer to a complete press line with coil feeders, straightening machines and decoilers or a control unit for manual driving with open tools.

PMB has many different standard control units, which covers most needs, but if you need something very special, are we always ready to construct a control unit that fits exactly your needs. We can also help you mount a coil feeder on your press and combine it with your existing control units. We have good experience of rebuilding many different press manufacturers, among others’: SMV, Haulick Roos, Kaiser, Smeral, Stanko etc. Therefore, if you have a good solid press, it could pay off to update the control, rather than buying a new press.

Control units for manual loading

Driving with open tools

It places great demands on the press when the operator can get his hands into the work area. PMB’s control units have safety level class 4 and performance level PLe, where all safety control units are duplicated to protect the operator against accidents.

The control units are available with normal mechanical curve switches or encoders. With encoders, you do not have to manually adjust the cam discs when changing the stroke. This is done quickly and easily by entering the control units HMI (control screen).

The control unit is prepared for interconnection with a robot.

If the press must run at a clock speed (light grid), this is of course also an option.

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Control unit for automatic driving of presses

Driving with closed or shielded tools

PMB’s wide range of automatic control units covers everything from simple budget-friendly controls to the most complex control units to large presses with power cabinets.

Common to all PMB’s control units is that safety is top notch, so the operator can work safely at the press.

PMB constructs new control units for special needs. If you need a control unit for your eccentric press, we can help you. Contact us and have a non-binding talk about your project.

Accessory control units

PMB makes small control units, for lubrication timers, controls of the hydraulic overload protection of the press. A small control unit can upgrade the manual press with feed equipment. No matter what challenges, or smart new ideas you are working on, PMB is ready to help you.

Contact us and have a non-binding talk about your project.

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