Stamping is the process used in a press when you want to cut into a plate.

A classic example of an item made by stamping in a press is a bottle opener. Holes are punched into a metal plate so that both the hole for the bottle opener to attach to a keychain and the hole in the center where the cap goes in when opening the beer are punched out of the workpiece. The entire contour around the bottle opener has been stamped out. It is essentially the same process as punching. The difference is that when you punch, it’s the hole you want to use; when you stamp, it’s the product that comes out of the stamping, and as it were, falls out that you want to use.

So, stamping and punching are closely related and are calculated in the same way regarding cutting force and more.

Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik offers unique, in-house produced presses to perform stamping and punching. Whether it’s manual presses or an automatic line where the sheet material comes from coils and runs through the presses.

A tailored solution

We always tailor a solution according to our customers’ precise needs for stamping. We calculate the press force required for your specific task. We also help with sizing the press to fit the process you have.

We therefore calculate the need for the cutting force and cutting work of the press. We determine how much energy is needed to punch out a specific item. That is, how many tons are needed to press and how many joules of energy are needed to produce the item. Tons and joules are, in short, the two most important parameters we look at when delivering a press to a customer.

If you have an inquiry for a stamping or punching task, we are happy to refer you to our press customers.

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