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Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S was founded back in 1921, when Povl Møller traveled from Copenhagen to Borup to settle. He had an intention to open a factory for the manufacture of agricultural machinery, however, then it started out completely differently. To begin with, car lifts and car parts for Ford T were manufactured instead.

In 1932, the manufacture of the eccentric presses began, but during World War II, there was a demand for peat presses. After the end of the war, the production and demand for eccentric presses increased.

When they started going from grease to oil lubrication in the industry, the machine factory, in 1961, got in touch with Vogel, the German manufacturer of central lubrication systems, which is today acquired by SKF. This started a mutually beneficial collaboration between PMB and Vogel. This has contributed to the factory over the years having developed into a major supplier of modern equipment to, among other things, the transport sector.

In 1978, PMB bought Dansk Presse Fabrik A/S, which manufactured DPF presses.

To this day, almost 7,000 presses have been produced at Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S.

Our idea base in PMB is to service companies in the areas of press lines and central lubrication, and based on our great knowledge, we focus on our customers’ productivity and reliability. We have accumulated a great deal of specialist knowledge through deliveries of many total solutions, and therefore have a professional experience that we can offer, for this purpose guidance and competent advice.

Below you can see a lot of old pictures from PMB through time.

povl møllers maskinfabrik luftfoto
presser 1965
medarbejdere 1921
ekscenterpresser 1930 presse nummer 1000
Ford-T og autolifte
maskinarbejdere 1943
Image Slide 3
Presses 1965
Image Slide 3
PMB's employees 1928
Image Slide 3
1930 - excenter press number 1000
Image Slide 3
Ford-T and car lift
Image Slide 3
Machine workers 1943
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