PMB offers you a wide range of press lines

Our range of press lines

PMB Press Lines

PMB offers you a wide range of press lines. We design and build control units ourselves. It can be anything from a small lubrication timer to a complete press line with coil feed equipment, Straightening Machines and decoilers or a control unit for manual operation with open tools. In addition, PMB has many years of experience in renovating presses and can be helpful with renovating both our own manufactured presses and other manufacturers’ presses.

Our well-trained service technicians live in Zealand, Funen and Jutland, and drive out to our customers. Our technicians also travels to Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Poland and Lithuania or wherever our customers may be.

PMB offers both C- and H-presses. Due to our partners, like Zani, can we quickly help you find a press for your needs. Click below to read more about PMB presses.

presselinjer PMB presser excenterpresse
presselinjer presser excenterpresse

Used presses

PMB also offers used presses. We have many years of experience with used presses, both being reviewed and upgraded to the latest safety. The used presses can be delivered by agreement with you; fully factory refurbished or legal to use.

You can see our inventory by clicking below or contact us directly if you are looking for a specific press.

Coil Lines

We have a partnership with Dimeco, which with their continuous development of coil lines has made them one of the world’s largest suppliers of coil equipment at the press market.

PMB delivers coil feed equipment for every need. We have several variants of equipment, as there are different needs for accuracy and speed. We offer servo feeders, gripper feeders and wire feeders. If you are in doubt, which performance you need, we will be happy to guide you.

coil linjer fremføringer
udstøder, presse tilbehør

Accessories for presses

PMB sells almost everything for presses and press lines. We offer special machine shoes, which are specifically designed to dampen the vibrations on eccentric presses. We offer hydraulic ejectors that are mounted in the crosshead on your eccentric press for workpiece ejection. In addition, we sell MECTOOL friction conveyors, which are either available as electric or pneumatic.

"Know your eccentric press" - Kurt A. Olsens's book

“Know your eccentric press” Kurt A. Olsen’s book “Know Your Eccentric Press” is a book about the structure, dimensioning and correct use of an eccentric press. The book is written by Kurt A. Olsen, whose knowledge of eccentric presses is attributed to his work as a former technical manager at Povl Møllers Maskinfabrik A/S. The book informs about eccentric presses in general, but is based on PMB’s self-produced presses.

This book is primarily aimed at eccentric press users with the most basic knowledge of the operation and use of the eccentric press.

excenterpresse, bog, presse, presser, PMB, PMBorup
Kurt A. Olsen's book about eccentric presses

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