Central lubrication systems 

Lubrication systems for industry, offshore, vehicles, cranes and construction machinery.

Lubrication systems for industry, offshore, vehicles, cranes and construction machinery

Are you on the lookout for a central lubrication system for your company? At PMB, you will get a reliable and durable lubrication solution customized to your needs and requirements. We have more than 60 years of experience in delivery, installation, repair and service of complete lubrication systems for small and large businesses.  

Your machine is the focal point of your day-to-day operation and business in general. We know that. Therefore, it is essential that the moving parts, bearings and bushings of your machine are continuously lubricated. With an automatic central lubrication system, your machine or other equipment is lubricated during operation. In this way, you make an efficient use of your machine and avoid costly downtime, which may negatively impact your bottom line. 

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the longevity of a machine and increase the plant’s productivity and efficiency. Here, lubrication is an important part. However, many costs are often associated with manual maintenance. With a central lubrication system you will get the right amount of lubrication at the right time. This ensures a lower consumption of grease and fewer human resources associated with maintenance. All in all, the results are lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs. 

lastbilkran med centralsmøring
lastbilkran med centralsmøring
centralsmøringssystem på lastbil
centralsmøre beholder
centralsmøre beholder
centralsmøringssystem på lastbil
centralsmøringssystem på presse
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centralsmøring med SKF centralsmøringssystem

Advantages of central lubrication systems 

10 reasons to choose central lubrication from PMB:

  1. Improves machine productivity and efficiency.
  2. Extends the life of bearings and bushings, and thus the life of the machine.
  3. Drastically reduces repair and maintenance costs.
  4. Saves costly “out of service” time, for both machines and staff.
  5. Saves up to 40% lubricant, and therefore better for the environment.
  6. PMB always has a large stock of lubricating parts and pumps.
  7. We have more than 60 years of experience in central lubrication.
  8. We install central lubrication for all industries and industries and throughout the country.
  9. Our service team can be on-site in less than a day, often faster.
  10. PMB is so confident in the quality that we give a 2-year guarantee on newly installed systems.

Your full-line supplier of lubrications systems

For more than 60 years, we have provided solutions for central lubrication. Today, we are among the most experienced in delivery and installation of central lubrication systems. We always ensure that your lubrication system meets the highest standards for functionality and operational reliability. At PMB, we work exclusively with world-leading suppliers – including SKF Lubrication Systems (formerly Vogel). This is your guarantee for excellent quality. 

We are your full-line supplier of central lubrication. We customize complete lubrication solutions on construction machines, cranes, trucks, tractors, industry, biogas plants and much more. Our competent and experienced employees are ready to advise you on finding the solution that suits your particular needs and requirements. 

Service and repair of lubrication systems

Quality is not our only keynote. Also, we make a virtue of delivering the highest level of service. We are always ready to advise you. Together we will find the solution that fits the exact requirements and needs of your company. 

Are you in need of advice on delivery and installation of a new central lubrication system, or are you on the lookout for a new reliable partner for service and repair of your existing lubrication solution? Our experienced service technicians are ready to guide you on the solution that matches your wishes, needs and requirements. If there is an accident and your system needs repair here and now, we respond quickly. 

centralsmøre tekniker med centralsmøring system

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