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With our used presses, we use the machine number on the press to find the original documentation on how the specific press is produced. Thereof we know which updates have since occurred regarding management and security. We have quick access to parts that need to be replaced, because of our stock of spare parts. However, if there is a spare part that’s not to be found in stock, we can quickly produce a new one. New equipment such as roller feed or automatic lubrication may need to be added. We can paint the press at our paint shop, by request of the customer. After this, it will look new – Even if the stand is over 30 years old.

Our technicians and engineers are responsible for the renovation, including final inspection according to the same standards as new machines. Measurement forms are filled in as documentation for testing. Instructions for use that are suitable for the press are updated and delivered together with the press, also with an overview of common wear parts.

Upon further agreement, our technicians install the press, review the press with any additional equipment and ensure that the press is ready for tool testing and production. A service inspection plan can be agreed where you also get a discount on original spare parts.

If you are looking for a used press, we can quickly find one for you. We always have some located at the fabric and also some in commission. Below is our current inventory of used presses.

If any of the used presses arouses your interest, please contact us and get a non-binding offer.

We reserve the right that images may not match the press described.

We reserve the right that images may not match the press described.

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