SKF's central lubrication system with grease, NLGI class 000.00 is designed and adapted to all types of vehicles and accessories with high demands for flexibility and long service intervals.

Areas of application

The facility is suitable for all types of transport and cargo vehicles, for example:

  • Trucks, trailers and trailers.
  • Buses.
  • Forklifts.
  • Sweepers/suction machines.
  • Renovation cars.
  • Sludge suckers etc.

System description

The central lubrication system consists of an electric pump, an electronic control unit, piston distributors, pressure switch, lubrication hoses and fittings. The lubrication intervals can be set depending on the driving conditions. The piston distributor pumps are equipped with easily replaceable metering nipple, which ensure individual dosing of the different lubrication points.

Functional description

The pump starts and pumps lubricant out to the distributors, which dispense the right amount of lubricant to the individual lubrication point. When the system has reached the correct pressure, the pressure switch (which is placed at the end of the system) sends a signal to the control unit, which stops the pump. The system lubricates during the pressure relief through the benefits’ unique relubrication function.

Areas of application, accessories

The system is flexible and easy to mount on all types of accessories, for example:

  • Hoist and slider bar.
  • Cranes and lifts.
  • Lift tailgate etc.
lastbilkran med centralsmøreanlæg, centralsmøreløsninger

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