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Feeding equipment

PMB provides feeding equipment for every need. We offer, among other things, servo feeders, gripper feeders and wire feeders. If you are in doubt about which performance you need, we will be happy to guide you. Call and have a non-binding talk about your project!


Among the world’s best feeders is PMMATIC, which is a servo-controlled roller feed and non-slip gearbox, and has a feed accuracy of+/- 0.02 mm per performance! The feed has features on both the upper and lower roll, which prevent the material from slipping. PMMATIC is also available with a lot of extra options, such as PU-coated rollers, polished rollers, dual gearbox. This ensures that the feed can be set up to the current need.

The coil feeder is recommended for presses running with cutting tools or for CNC driving.

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P/A servo feeder

If the requirements for a roll feed isn’t too great and a slightly larger tolerance can be accepted, we offer the slightly more budget-friendly roll feed from P/ A, which is a good all-around feed for plate thicknesses up to 2 mm. The feed accuracy for this feed is +/- 0.05 mm.

P/A is a recognized American manufacturer of quality coil equipment, and this advancement is certainly no exception.

P/A air feeders

Gripper feeder

PMB offers a large selection of different plier feeders from P/A.

The feeders are available with mechanical or electropneumatic actuation. Material widths from 38-300 mm, and feed length from 0-305 mm.

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