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If the press should be extra large (up to 3,200 ton) or the press table must be really long (up to 7 m), we recommend presses from Zani, which tailors the press to your needs.

Zani is a carefully selected partner who, like PMB, only produces quality machines with a life expectancy of +30 years. With a Zani press, you are sure of a stable production for many years to come.

Servo Master

Zani’s Servo Master ensures the right speed between the tool and feeding.

Zani’s Servo Master technology gives you the flexibility of the hydraulic press, and the speed of the eccentric press.

zani profilo corsa programmabile
zani motion master

Motion Master​

Zani’s Motion Master is a knuckle joint press that, by its design, reduces the speed of the crosshead when engaging the material, without compromising the overall speed of the press. The Motion Master can produce up to 30% more compared to a traditional eccentric press.


  • Speeds up to 200 ppm
  • Compressive force up to 30,000 kN
  • Fixed/variable stroke length up to 800 mm
  • Presses are available with 1, 2 or 4 connecting rods
  • Press table up to 7m length

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On ZANI’s website you can read much more about their presses and their company.

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